Writing is like taking a shit.

Some days, it’s effortless. You sit down and it all comes out. Perfectly. Just the way you wanted. A tear rolls down your cheek. “It’s beautiful. A work of art.”

On other days, you’re mentally constipated. You just can’t bring yourself to create. You patiently wait, but nothing happens. You push. You produce a little bit. But it doesn’t quite feel right. Or complete. You know there’s more in you.

Sometimes, you will feel a sudden urge. A ticking time bomb. It doesn’t care for where you are. You can be on a run, meditating or socializing. You just know that you need to tend to it soon or risk being left unfulfilled.

You can’t always control which of these will happen. You can, however, tilt the odds in your favor. We have more influence over the situation than we think.

Here’s how.

First, add literary fiber. Read about diverse topics. Talk to people with different perspectives. Reflect on your ideas and experiences. These lubricate your ability to communicate.

Then, train your body. Sit down every day. Same time. Same place. Same environment. You form a habit and slowly, the juices start flowing. Before you know it, you are done.

This post took redacted minutes to write.

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