When I picture hard work, the image that comes to mind is a person at their desk, cranking away at 2am. They are completely focused - in the zone. From the outside, it looks almost effortless. But that’s a romanticization.

In reality, hard work is HARD. It’s messy. It’s a grind. It’s certainly a lot more than just long hours in flow state.

So, what is hard work?

Hard work is overcoming resistance when you just don’t want to start. It’s getting up at the crack of dawn to work out, even though you’re sleepy.

Hard work is exercising self-control for your impulses. It’s resisting the urge to watch the next episode because you have to wake up early.

Hard work is carrying on even when you’re stuck or tired. It’s staying on the page and not escaping to your phone when you have writer’s block (that’s me right now).

Not only is it hard, it’s also inevitable. These challenges are bound to arise on the path to achieving your goals. So when you’re having a difficult time, remember that it’s normal. It is the process. It’s your choice to give in to it or not, but as we all know… the only way out is through.

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