Entropy is all around us. Most things — skills, habits, relationships — gradually decay if neglected. They require consistent upkeep in order to stay steady, let alone grow.

To remain in shape, you need an exercise regimen. Otherwise, muscle atrophy and loss of conditioning kick in. The effect is noticeable in just a short period. If I take a break from the gym, I can’t lift as much weight when I go back. If I don’t run for a week, I’m slower when I start up again.

To stay connected with loved ones, you have to keep in touch regularly. Otherwise, you grow apart. Before you know it, you’ve become strangers and can’t relate. You’re reduced to a parasocial relationship, where you passively consume each other’s lives on social media without any meaningful interaction. It’s not impossible to reverse, but it takes more energy as time passes and you become more distant.

To remain balanced, you must develop a consistent meditation practice. Otherwise, you lose the ability to be equanimous. A single meditation retreat goes a long way, but it’s not enough. It only teaches you the technique. Regular application is necessary to overcome the daily obstacles that life throws at you.

Use It or Lose It

The lesson: you’re either growing or you’re dying. When you stop executing, you’re not just hitting pause - you are actively declining. Use it or lose it.

Do your future self a favor: don’t stop executing. Be proactive - stay sharp by remaining active. Invest the effort now so you don’t have to pay the consequences later. Otherwise, you’re only going to waste your energy climbing out of the hole that you dug yourself into. When you’re so focused on maintaining the status quo, you’re left with no bandwidth to chase what really matters: growth.

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