I’m obsessed with creating win-wins. Whenever I take on a new project, I always structure it so I can benefit at each level of success.

Three examples: my blog, podcast and Habit Gym.


The three levels of success:

  1. It documents my journey and helps me reflect.
  2. It keeps me connected with my friends.
  3. It inspires others to lead an examined life.

I write on this blog for myself. It documents my journey. It forces me to confront my mistakes and internalize the lessons. It allows me to explore and develop principles for an intentional life.

“That’s what journals are for. Why make it public?”

Writing for others requires clarity of thought. That means better insights into my own life. If writing is thinking, this is exercise that flexes both muscles.

Even if I had no readers, this alone makes publishing worth it.

Fortunately, people also read it. This brings added benefits.

Many of the readers are my friends and this blog keeps us connected. It’s a way for them to stay updated on my life. It isn’t just a one-way channel, though. The posts act as a hook - they spark a conversation we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

To my initial surprise, strangers read it too! This is the ultimate cherry on top. Not only do I get to refine my own thoughts and connect with my friends, I have the opportunity to influence others in leading a more examined life.


I used the same approach to launch a new podcast with my friend, Neel.

The three levels of success:

  1. It’s a fun catch-up.
  2. It entertains our friends.
  3. It inspires other Indian-Americans to forge their own path.
Origin Story

Neel and I met in college and became fast friends. We had a lot in common - immigrant parents, shared Indian values, tech background, passion for entrepreneurship and the desire to craft a meaningful life. So, we hung out often.

But after graduating, we moved back to our respective hometowns: Chicago and NYC. As a result, we went from catching up every few days to every few months.

That was, until two years ago.

On one of our irregular calls, we discovered that we were both going through a similar phase. We wanted more out of life. We felt that we were stagnating and becoming complacent. We needed to change that. In order to share our progress and hold each other accountable, we committed to bi-weekly check-ins.

Initially, we focused on forming healthy habits and cultivating hobbies. It grew from there. We riffed on our business ventures. We shared about our relationships. We outlined the life we were each trying to build.

Two years later, we’re still going. Our calls have become a highlight of our week. We both look forward to catching up and sharing what we’ve learned.

Why not record and publish them, we figured?

From a previous foray in podcasting, we both knew that you need consistency. That was the reason our earlier project fizzled out. This time though, we had it on lock. We’d kept up the habit for two years.

Content wouldn’t be an issue, either. Across all the conversations, a unifying theme had emerged. Our immigrant upbringing was the common thread across each of these dimensions. It not only shaped our perspective, but added nuanced constraints to how we designed our lives.

The added effort into making it a podcast would be minimal. It only required light editing, simple structure and basic marketing. The potential upside, on the other hand, is huge.

Levels of Success

At the very least, making it a podcast would document our journey. This turns these already fun hang-outs into a permanent keepsake of our path.

It could also be entertaining to our mutual friends. They had told us how much they enjoyed listening to our last project. It instilled a sense of comfort - it made them feel like we were all hanging out again. This left an impression on me. Wouldn’t it be cool to entertain our friends remotely? And just like the blog, it could serve as a way to stay connected to our lives.

Plus, there’s a real shot to appeal to a broader audience. Though we approach it from our Indian-American lens, our fundamental theme is relevant to anyone trying to craft an intentional life. If it inspires others to forge their own path, that’s an added bonus.

P.S: If you’re curious, check it out!

Habit Gym

I built Habit Gym with a similar mindset.

The three levels of success:

  1. I get my feet wet in running a business.
  2. I help others rebuild their life through their habits.
  3. I create a sustainable lifestyle business.
Origin Story

When I quit Google, I didn’t have a plan for making a living. I figured that everything would fall into place after building a solid foundation of healthy habits.

I wasn’t flying completely blind, though. I knew that I eventually wanted to build a business. I even had a hunch of the problem space: tech addiction. So, I wanted to get my feet wet in launching a product.

It started with an off-hand question on my very first post. The topic was algorithmic feeds and why you should avoid them. At the end, I asked if anyone was interested in joining an accountability group to use technology more intentionally.

A few people signed up. Some even agreed to pay (but never did). It didn’t matter. That was enough signal for me to pounce on the opportunity to build something.

Levels of Success

Win or lose, I figured it would hone my entrepreneurial skills. It continues to deliver on this. It taught me how to build, market and sell. It exposed me to the creator economy and led to exciting partnerships. It gave me a taste into the world of corporate sales. It encouraged me to build my own audience.

At the same time, I could help people rebuild their life with a healthier mindset towards their habits. Fortunately, this is happening for more and more people. There are even many repeat users who it’s continuing to add value for.

These alone are rewarding. I’m constantly growing and helping others grow as well.

I still haven’t unlocked the final stage of success, though. The real icing on the cake that I’m working towards: building a lifestyle business doing this.

Grow on a personal level, help others live their best lives and support yourself while doing it - wouldn’t that be amazing?

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” - Norman Vincent Peale

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