Welcome to my corner of the internet! Here, I share my musings on how to craft an intentional life (how I deliberate on how to be deliberate?). It serves two purposes: to refine my own thoughts through writing and hopefully encourage others to lead an examined life.

This blog has familiar origins. Comfortable childhood. Good grades in school. Lucrative job in Tech. “Why am I not as happy as people say I should be?” Quit to find yourself. And… here we are.

The plan was simple. Work hard. Save a lot of money. Retire early. Enjoy the reward: living my life! But, I had no idea what that meant and no time to figure it out - my life was taking place in the scraps of time that work spared. Sensing a regret in the making, I set out on a journey to reverse this; to fit work around my life. This is the first step - laying the foundation for a set of principles for an intentional life.

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